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   At present, the 2019-20 season has all ended. LeBron James led the Lakers to win the championship. He was also elected as the Finals MVP, and this season's regular season MVP belongs to the Bucks' Antetokounmpo. Therefore, regarding the MVP battle of the regular season next season, the US media have also begun to make their own predictions, let's see which 5 people are most optimistic about winning the MVP.








It is worth mentioning that Rose is the youngest player in the history of the NBA to win the MVP of the regular season. He won this award at the age of 22. Doncic also has the opportunity to reach the top of the league at such a young age, but first he has to help the Lone Ranger Become one of the best teams in the West. After all, Rose was elected MVP after helping the Bulls get the first place in the East. If Porzingis and other teams can support Doncic and help improve the record of the Mavericks, Doncic's chances of being elected MVP will increase accordingly. .

值得一提的是,罗斯是NBA历史上最年轻的赢得常规赛MVP的球员。他在22岁时获得了这个奖项。唐奇(Doncic)也有机会在如此快8彩平台年轻的时候跻身联盟前列,但首先,他必须帮助孤游侠成为西方最好的球队之一。毕竟,罗斯在帮助公牛队获得东部冠军后被选为MVP。如果Porzingis和其他团队可以支持Doncic并帮助改善小牛队的战绩,Doncic入选MVP的机会将相应增加。 。





   Durant is looking to return to his peak state after a whole season of recuperation, with his new partner Irving and new coach Nash by his side. As one of the players with the strongest overall ability in the NBA, if Durant can play efficient data, then it is not difficult for him to win the MVP trophy.


   It is worth mentioning that the last time Durant won the regular season MVP trophy has been traced back to six years ago, when he was still playing for the Thunder. Perhaps an important factor that may prevent him from getting this award is that once the Nets lock in to the playoffs, from the perspective of protecting Durant, he may take turns in some of these games, affecting the data.





   In this season, injuries have plagued Curry's state, he only played 5 games. You know, the Warriors' record is also very bad, only 15 wins and 50 losses. However, with the return of Curry and Thompson, coupled with the assistance of Wiggins and Green, and more importantly, the Warriors hold the second pick, so they are likely to have a good record in the regular season. Will very likely become the strongest contender for the championship again.


   Therefore, in this way, as long as Curry hits good data again, he may join the MVP competition. Curry has won the award in 2015 and 2016. If there is no Durant, Curry needs to make greater contributions to the Warriors, if he can get back the feel and state of the past, he is still one of the most powerful contenders for MVP.

因此,以这种方式,只要Curry再次击中好数据,他就可以参加MVP比赛。 Curry在2015年和2016年获得了该奖项。如果没有Durant,Curry需要为勇士队做出更大的贡献,如果他能重拾过去的感觉和状态,他仍然是MVP最有力的竞争者之一。





   After winning this season, James said: "I also want damn respect." His words may partly mean complaining that he did not get enough respect in the regular season MVP votes. You know, Antetokounmpo won the regular season MVP this season with a huge advantage, but many people think that James is the real MVP. After all, if compared to his performance in the playoffs, Antetokounmpo is still controversial.


   In the 2020-21 season, James will launch an impact on the fifth MVP trophy in his personal career, which makes him hopeful to be equal to Russell and Jordan in this honor. However, the thick eyebrows at their peak are his teammates, which objectively reduces the possibility of James getting the MVP.






   Even though the Bucks were out of the second round of the playoffs, Antetokounmpo won two awards, the regular season MVP and the best defensive player. It is worth mentioning that he became another player who won these two awards in the same year after Jordan and Olajuwon.


However, next season for Antetokounmpo and his Bucks, they will continue to make an impact in the new season. You must know that Antetokounmpo is only 25 years old, his statistics are still very explosive, and it is very likely to achieve MVP. Three in a row.


   It is worth mentioning that the last player who won the regular season MVP for three consecutive seasons was Larry Bird, who accomplished this feat in 1983-86. If next season's Bucks regular season record is still very good, then Antetokounmpo is still the most contender for MVP.

值得一提的是,最后一个连续三个赛季赢得常规赛MVP的球员是拉里·伯德(Larry Bird),他在1983-86年间实现了这一壮举。如果下赛季雄鹿的常规赛战绩仍然非常出色,那么Antetokounmpo仍然是MVP最有力的竞争者。



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