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On October 15th, Beijing time, the theme of the Sina Cup professional/amateur match play, "the new wave after the wave", you can have many interpretations, but the word "new" determines that the first round of the four-ball match is full Uncertainty, the result may be unexpected.


   In the world, there has never been a golf tournament that brings together professional men and women, amateur men and women, and divides them into two teams to compete in the form of the Ryder Cup.


  In China, professional team competitions, both men and women, are quite long in memory, so that none of the 6 men's and 6 women's professions participated in similar competitions this week.


   "It's not like the Ryder Cup or the Presidents Cup. The players know each other. I am also the first day I saw all the players," Feng Shanshan said before Wednesday's practice day.


   In terms of grouping, she fully considered the familiarity of the players and told the players that if they know each other and feel comfortable on the court, they might as well arrange practice together.


  Yale University student Wu Zhuang and Beijing girl Du Mohan are just such a pair, and they finally arranged together. Friday will start from the fifth group to fight against Li Jieni/Chao Haimeng.


   Chao Haimeng won the Hangzhou International Championships in Fuchun Shanju last year and ended the four-year championship drought. He is the most senior member of the Liang Wenchong team. In contrast, Du Mohan is one of the youngest players in the women's China Tour. She also achieved a victory last year, winning the Golf Wine Zhuhai Golden Bay Challenge.


   They may be one of the most prepared collisions among the six groups tomorrow. Wu So-called and Du Mohan have played many games in the same field since they were young, and they have been here for a day. Chao Haimeng, Li Jieni, and captain Liang Wenchong also arranged for them to train in the same group at the beginning, and they finally got a group.

它们可能是明天六个小组中准备最充分的冲突之一。 Wu So-所谓的和Du Mohan从小就在同一领域打过很多场比赛,并且已经在这里待了一天。潮海梦,李洁妮和队长梁文冲也从一开始就安排他们在同一组中训练,最终他们得到了一组。

   "Du Mohan is more difficult to deal with, and now she is partnering with Wu so-called, it must be even more difficult, but we look forward to gnawing this hard bone," said Li Jieni, a freshman at Northwestern University.


   As for the other groups, they are all new due to temporary adjustments. For example, Yijing Cao, a student from Yale University, originally teamed with Zhang Huilin and Liu Yanwei during the practice round. After the team meeting, Liang Wenchong finally arranged for her to be the Asian Tour champion Xiao Bowen (2017 Asian Golf Championship). They will start from the second group against Zhang Jie Nalin/Yu Yanhao of Feng Shanshan team.


   For Cao Yijing, the understanding of her partner Xiao Bowen is far worse than that of Yu Yanhao, a student from the University of Oregon, because they grew up together and practiced together. "We practiced together since we were young, and knew his play style very well, so we were not afraid. During the practice round, Zhang Jie and Nalin were in front of us. I saw her ball is very straight," Cao Yijing said, "but we still I have great confidence in defeating them, and there is no problem with 0.5 points."

对于曹一静来说,她的伴侣肖宝文的理解远不及俄勒冈大学的学生于延浩,因为他们共同成长并共同实践。 “我们从小就在一起练习,并且非常了解他的打法,所以我们并不害怕。在练习赛中,张洁和纳林在我们面前。我看到她的球非常直,”曹一静说。 ,“但我们仍然有很大的信心击败他们,而0.5分毫无问题。”

   Although Zhang Jie Nalin and Yu Yanhao did not know each other before this week, Feng Shanshan had her strategy in arranging them together, and the two can complement each other in the four-ball match. "We are a complementary team. She (Zhang Jie Nalin) is quite stable, but the distance is not the farthest in the profession," said Yu Yanhao, who can kick off 320 yards. "And my distance is far, but stable The lack of sex is a little bit, this time we can make up for each other."

尽管张杰纳林和于彦浩在本周之前不认识,但冯珊珊还是有安排将他们安排在一起的策略,在四球比赛中两者可以互补。 “我们是一个互补的团队。她(张杰·纳林)很稳定,但是距离并不是这个职业中最远的,”俞延浩说,他可以踢开320码。 “而且我的距离很远,但是很稳定。性别的缺乏是一点点,这次我们可以互相弥补。”

   Liang Wenchong did not hesitate to say that he valued the top three teams he sent most, and Feng Shanshan also put Yin Ruoning, the most popular Chinese tour player, and Chen Pei, a master in amateur competition, into the first group. The Chinese pay attention to color, and no one wants to lose the head and lose morale.


   When arranging troops, Liang Wenchong chose to play the cards later. When Feng Shanshan dispatched Yin Ruoning and Chen Peicheng out, he solemnly chose Zhang Huilin and Yin Xiaowen. Zhang Huilin has 3 championship titles and is also the world's highest ranked male professional player in the Liang Wenchong team.


"I don't know about Yin Xiaowen, but the captain said she is an offensive and very capable player, and she is very happy to partner with her," Zhang Huilin said. "Our opponents are Yin Ruoning and Chen Peicheng. Both players are very strong. We Go all out to get this point."

张慧琳说:“我不知道尹晓雯,但队长说她是一个进攻能力很强的球员,很高兴与她成为伙伴。” “我们的对手是尹若宁和陈培成。两个球员都很强大。我们全力以赴。”

  Liang Wenchong's third king is Deng Jingfan/Liu Yanwei. They will face Liu Yan/Zhou Ziqin in the third group. This group is also played after Liang Wenchong, Liang Wenchong is quite confident that this is a scoring point for the blue team. However, the Hong Kong Women’s Open champion Liu Yan led a 14-year-old child and was not afraid: “It all depends on the performance, because everyone has experienced this kind of competition for the first time. Whoever plays well can win. We will definitely try our best to play at our own level. ."

梁文冲的第三位国王是邓景凡/刘延伟。他们将在第三组中面对刘岩/周子琴。这快8彩平台支球队也是在梁文冲之后出战的,梁文冲对这是蓝队的得分点很有信心。但是,香港女子公开赛冠军刘燕带领着一个14岁的孩子,他并不害怕:“这完全取决于表现,因为每个人都是第一次参加这种比赛。谁打的好就可以赢。我们一定会尽力在自己的水平上发挥作用。 。”

   Feng Shanshan kept at least one trump card for the end. The women's central tour bonus king Zhang Weiwei partnered with Ding Wenyi, who just won the championship in Chengdu last month, and will face Fan Shuangshuang/Fan Shiyu in the sixth group. Feng Shanshan trusts Zhang Weiwei's ability to withstand pressure. She feels that if the game is stuck or in a difficult situation, Zhang Weiwei can also create a spark for the red team.


"Fan Shiyu, I played with him the next time, he was relatively stable. I know Fan Shuangshuang, she is an offensive style of play, but my distance is longer and more stable," Zhang Weiwei said, "Four players, four-ball match, calculation The best result of the two, I have no pressure, I will play as many birds as possible, and try my best to contribute to the team."


   The partner is new, the opponent is new, and the competition system is new. The stadium Beijing Evergrande Palace Sports Park is also the first professional competition to be hosted. Liang Wenchong is relatively conservative in predicting the result, while Feng Shanshan is cautiously optimistic, but like all golf competitions, no one knows what the result will be until the last advance hole, especially under such a brand-new competition system.


   Four-player four-ball match on the morning of the 16th (starting from hole 1):


Liang Wenchong vs Feng Shanshan

l Ian Gwen重vs fen GS汗衫

7:10 Yin Xiaowen / Zhang Huilin vs Yin Ruoling / Chen Peicheng

7:10 yin ξ AO问 / Zhang Hui林vs yin Ru o〇 / Chen PEI成

  7:22 肖博文/曹怡静 VS 张婕娜琳/余彦豪

  7:22 肖博文/曹怡静 VS 张婕娜琳/余彦豪

7:34 Deng Jingfan / Liu Yanwei vs Liu Yan / Zhou Ziqin

7:34 D鞥jin规范 / l IU Y安慰vs l IU y按 / Zhou Z i禽

7:46 villager / Lu Yuwen vs Zhang Yunjie / Peng Bo

7: 46村民/卢玉文vs张云杰/彭波

7:58 Li Jieni / Chao Haimeng vs Du Mohan / Wu Suo

7:58 l IJ IE你 / C好H啊i蒙vs D um o韩 / w US UO

8:10 fan shuangshuangshuang / fan Shiyu vs Zhang Weiwei / Ding Wenyi

8:10 凡爽爽爽 / 烦shi于vs Zhang Wei维 / ding wen一

   The 2020 Sina Cup Professional Amateur Match Play is hosted by Sina Golf, co-organized by the Beijing Golf Association, and co-organized by the Women's China Tour. The men's China Tour is the supporting unit and the chief partner media is Sina News.


   At that time, the event will provide real-time live scores and live video, and platforms such as Sina Golf, Weibo, Sina News APP, and Women's China Tour official website will conduct the whole live broadcast. It is worth mentioning that the well-known female professional player Feng Simin will also join the camp of live commentators. The live video time is as follows:


  October 16th 10:00-13:00 Foursome four-ball match


   14:30-17:30, October 16th, four people two ball game


   October 17th 09:30-14:30 Individual match


English commentary: Ai Ke, Zhang Meng, Feng Simin


   (Photography of this article: Liu Zhuang and Wang Liming)


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